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Three reasons why you should join DASCOIN
1 Carta Worldwide http://cartaworldwide.com/
                            A massive company, which is responsible for products such as Applepay, SamsungPay,                                             Vodafone wallet, Uber payments.

        They are building DasPay - An iOS and Android App, which enables paying instantly in every Mastercard / Visa                   UnionPay terminal around the globe ( around 60 Million places compared to BTC, which has around 250k )                                                                                 Without the seller even knowing about it.                                                                                                         Which is thanks to the NFC technology, which Carta Worldwide has rights to!

2. St Luke’s https://stlukes.co.uk/
                          A marketing company, which is famous for its advertisements for IKEA or HEINEKEN.                                      They are responsible for marketing of the company and soon for Internet, TV and Radio commercials.
3. Bluezelle http://bluzelle.com/   
Company with a “technology pioneer” status


Which is responsible for smart contracts in Dascoin.

It also has strong connections to Ripple:

                        3 REASONS OUT OF MANY, as they are the most important. You can read more about the project in                 a 25-page article in Millionaire Asia which may be compared to Asian Forbes.

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         Most of you know somebody, and the interest to know more about blockchain technology, bitcoin, altcoin                          and the whole crypto space is growing fast, who is either a holder of bitcoin and alt coins, or wants to                                 know more about this, or is a traditional investor used to 2-10% ROI annual etc...

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The relevance and popularity of Bitcoin cannot be overlooked.

Nevertheless, it’s not a monopoly currency and there are others that have continued to crop up.

         Normally, introducing an innovative product or service in a new market is not always easy.

However, Dascoin seems to be doing well. Its appeal is spreading fast..

    Conventional cryptocurrencies have been around for quite some time although they haven’t become mainstream.

 The blockchain technology makes the digital currencies quite pleasant thanks to the security and efficiency it offers! 

Nevertheless take a look here Dascoin is bound to be more successful since it offers different features than the competing options.

Dascoin tackles compliance issues to increase adoption

Some governments across continents have been reluctant to adopt the popular digital currencies like Etherium and Bitcoin.

        This decision is backed by the fact that some consumers in these countries have used digital currencies to circumvent existing laws.

              As such, it’s not uncommon to hear about cases of money laundering, drug  trafficking and terrorism                       facilitated through digital currencies.

          However see here how Dascoin has the potential to observe crime compliance policies, seal the loopholes                     and get more acceptance.

If this happens, more businesses and governments will embrace it.

Consequently, the holders will reap more benefits.

 At the moment, merchants get little incentives to convince them to accept the digital currencies like Ethereum.

                High fluctuations in price and sluggish transactions are the main reasons why businesses shy away                              from the currencies.

    On the other hand, the brains behind this look see innovative digital coin that have designed a system that encourages its adoption across the various sectors.

                In addition, the underlying technology makes it easy to integrate the digital payment in most Point of                         the sale systems used by merchants.

Improved security and efficiency

               Unsatisfactory convenience and efficiency are among the chief reasons why most of the emerging                        digital currencies have performed poorly.

        In some instances, you may need more than one hour successfully move Bitcoins between different digital wallets.

This means that business transactions will be slower and unpleasant.

      On the other hand, Dascoin has been demonstrated to finalize a transaction in six short seconds.

     All this is made possible by the innovative blockchain technology that is integrated with a hybrid system to ensure instant updates.

Business's and consumers alike have had an aversion to using cryptocurrencies thanks to the security requirements before you can utilize the options safely.

To solve this problem, the Das Network used enhances the ease of use.

 The relevant measures implemented are designed to exclude any use by entities that are not authenticated.

           In addition, the smart-chip integrated with the digital wallet adds another layer of security.

       From the way things appear, this digital currency is set to overcome many obstacles that have troubled this industry.

        Similarly, early adopters of the affiliate system stand a chance to reap huge benefits as the popularity rises.

In fact, you shouldn’t be awe stricken if this coin surpasses its predecessors.

Note: This is not trading advice, do your own research

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               DasCoin CEO & Founder Michael Mathias delivered a typically inspiring speech at the Global                                         Leadership Summit in Dubai (November 2017).                               

           Here, you can watch it in full, while most of the key news around 2018, including the importance of                                                                    Las Vegas to the NetLeaders mission, can be found  here:                                                                                                     https://netleaders.news/2017/11/27/bright-future-for-dascoin-mapped-out-in-dubai/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Get more great NetLeaders content across social media Go to our website:                                                                                                                  https://netleaders.com/ref/bestonthenet1                                                                                                                            Follow us on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/netleadersnews                                                                                                            Like us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/NetLeaders/                                                      Find us on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/netleaders-team/