I just wanted to thank you for getting your review of 12 Second Commute and the coming soon Power Way. 

Sales are brisk as you can imagine and as you will see when you login to your review account, the Power Way is seriously going to revolutionize the way money is made online.

I personally cannot wait for it but while they are building it, we have a great opportunity to make some money immediately.

The affiliate commission is a very easy 3 level payout where we get 40% commissions on all direct sales and 5% on all our second and third levels.

No limits on width or money we can make and they pay every Friday via PayPal.

I know they do not mention much about the tools included in your account but take a look at this list.

Ad and Link Tracker
Capture Page Creator
URL Rotator
Blog and Blog Article Library
Contact Manager
SEO Tools
Clickbank Mall
Over 600 Training Videos
Over 5,000 Royalty Free Images
Amazing Affiliate Center
Live and Interactive Training Conferences
The Absolute Best Support I've Ever Seen
Prospecting System so you can promote any program you want
And they will soon add online chat, an online conference system so we can conduct our own online training conferences, a word press based blogging center and an interactive help and training center.

Hey, I could go on and on and if you're like me, you were thinking, the price is too low and there must be something wrong.

Well the price is too low but they are trying to help us and I personally appreciate this approach they are taking. 

The current price is going to have to increase and that's why I upgraded my account immediately.

There is nothing wrong and all the tools, resources, training--everything about the system is first class.

I hope you keep 12 Second Commute working for you and be part of my team because we will all be working together. 

You can find my name and email address in your 12 Second Commute affiliate area by clicking on the Affiliate Overview Link.

The reason I don't put my name and email on this page is I want you to get use to maneuvering around the site.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help with any aspect of 12 Second Commute and/or The Power Way System.

I look forward to working with you and we are going to rock the Internet starting now and never ending.